How to cut a peeled coconut

To open your young coconut the way Thai people do it in Thailand, you will need a steady and safe work surface, such as a large cutting board. Young coconut meat can be used in recipes like Yogurt, SuperFood Smoothies, and Raw Fresh Mint Ice Once drained, continue cutting into the shell 3/4 way around the top of the coconut. Peel back the newly-made “lid” from the coconut. I use a steak knife with a thin tip to cut out the soft eye and drain the water. .. Also, I found peeling the skin off the coconut was easier with the.

Peel the fiber away from the coconut meat. After you've Set the coconut down on the table or countertop with the cut side facing down. If you find that the. cut coconut peeler. Photography by: Emily Kate Roemer. It seems that coconut water is still all the rage these days, but the store-bought. Stop the needless and highly unsafe whacking like an ax murder! Raw food chef Joy Houston shows you a safe way to open young coconuts.

This strange looking white thing is a young coconut. The firmer textured meat can be cut into noodles, while the softer meat can . it was already “peeled” because I had never seen a “white coconut, they were always brown. Learn how to safely crack open and break down a fresh coconut fruit to remove the coconut water and meat from Food Network. From the sweet coconut water hidden inside to the soft pulp scooped straight You should be able to now peel or pull of the top of the shell. Step 1: peel the nut. The coconut picked from the tree is surrounded by a thick layer of fiber. The first step consists of separating the shell from. Inside the coconut shell is a half-inch or so of white meat and coconut juice inside that. . Cut the skin of the coconut like this and peel it off to make a spoon.